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Beaches on St. Croix

St. Croix has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. In fact, many of our beaches are regarded as some of the most beautiful in the world! Imagine crescents of white sand lining secluded coves, crystal-clear turquoise waters all with lush tropical hills as a backdrop... get the picture?

All St. Croix beaches are open to the public. Some, however, are only accessible through private property. If that is the case, please check with the property owners, ie: resort hotel or condo complex, to inquire about any fees associated with accessing the beach through their property. Also, keep in mind that the public access extends 15 feet up the beach from the waterline, after that its private property so please be considerate of the owners. 

Many of the beaches on St. Croix are turtle nesting areas for endangered species. Please do not drive spikes or dig deep holes on any St. Croix might unknowingly be destroying a turtle nest. Use this guide to find the best beaches on St. Croix.

Effective April 1, 2020. Act 8185, amends title 27, chapter 9 of the Virgin Islands Code adds section 305h providing for a ban on the retail sale or offer for sale, and the distribution or importation for retail purposes of topical sunscreen products containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. These ingredients are harmful to humans and can negatively affect corals, aquatic and marine life. Please do not use sunscreens containing these two chemicals while in the ocean!

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Map of St. Croix Beaches

Map of St. Croix Beaches
Click on the map to the left for locations of various beaches.


Virgin Islands Network of Environmental Educators

"Leave Paradise in its place" - VINE - the Virgin Islands Network of Environmental Educators - established in 2004 to improve environmental and cultural education opportunities throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands by creating a network of educators to share information and contacts. more info...

Beach at the Buccaneer Hotel.

The Mermaid Beach at The Buccaneer
Located to the east of Christiansted, at The Buccaneer Hotel, the property offers three beaches. Non-guests are welcome to rent a beach chair at The Mermaid. Beachside food and beverage service available at The Mermaid Beach restaurant.


Turtle Beach on Buck Island is just off the coast of St. Croix.

Buck Island
Turtle Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, is located on Buck Island, which was declared a national Monument by President Kennedy. You can only get to the beach by taking one of several charter boats that make the trip to the island each day. Snorkeling the island's underwater trail is a must!


Cane Bay Beach on St. Croix's lush north shore.

Cane Bay Beach
You can find Cane Bay by taking Route 80 west on the North Shore. Cane Bay Beach is a spectacular white sand beach with crystal clear water, breathtaking views, shade from Palm trees, some of the Caribbean's best snorkeling and world class diving on the walls and reefs that are close to shore. Cane Bay Dive Shop, eat@canebay, Sprat Net Beach Bar and Off the Wall Beach Bar are just a few steps away from the beach. You will find Kayak rentals and Horseback riding tours here as well. The beach is most active on the weekends, primarily on Sundays, when locals enjoy the beach, bars/restaurants and warm ocean waters.

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Secluded beach on St. Croix.

We'll just call it...AMAZING!
This is just one of many tranquil and secluded beaches you will find on the coastline of St. Croix. This beach has no facilities, but then again, most times there won't be any other people on the beach with you! You will see many beaches like this on St. Croix as you explore the island.

Chenay Bay Beach, St. Croix.

Chenay Bay Beach
You will find this beach on the east end of the island on Route 82. It's located at the Chenay Bay Beach Resort where you will find a restaurant and bar, a nice beach. The ocean at this beach is generally calm so it is great for families with kids. There are several areas in the water that have a sandy bottom, as well as some fairly good snorkeling.

Coakley Bay beach on St. Croix, USVI

Coakley Bay Beach
Also on the East end of island, you will find a gorgeous and generally deserted strip of Caribbean sand. Many of the areas in the water have a sea grass on the bottom, so you'll see it washed up on the beach if there has been some wave activity. There are also many areas with a sandy bottom that makes it a great beach for swimming. You won't find a lot of other people on this beach, except for maybe on Saturdays and Sundays, when locals will traditionally come for the day with family and friends. Can you blame them?

Colony Cove, St. Croix, USVI Colony Cove Beach
There is an artificial tire reef near the shore as well as a large natural reef with excellent snorkeling. Located at Colony Cove Condos. Check in with front desk to see if there will be an admission fee for parking or for beach access.
Columbus Landing Beach Columbus Landing Beach
The historic site of the 1493 landing of the fleet of Christopher Columbus at Salt River, St. Croix. Use the road to the left of the Columbus Cove marina. No facilities.
Cottages by the Sea beach.

Cottages by the Sea
Located in front of the Cottages by the Sea. Generally calm waters, nice sandy beach. Restaurant and bar right next door. Makes a great place to spend the day on the beach.

Cramer Park is a public beach with facilities. Cramer Park
Near the end of Route 82 and on the way to Point Udall, you will find a beautiful, sandy public beach and park. The waters are generally calm because of the reef just off shore. Ocean waves break on the reef before reaching the beach. The park offers visitors picnic facilities, changing rooms and bathrooms. Cramer Park can be crowded with locals on the weekends, mostly on Sundays, when they come out to enjoy the beach and park.
Davis Bay Davis Bay Beach
Located at the Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort & Spa. Stop at the guard booth and let them know you there for lunch, dinner and/or drinks. Davis Bay is a white sand beach in a spectacular setting. Please respect the guests of the resort and stay out of the pool unless you are a guest of the resort! Do you remember the movie "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd? The last scene in the movie was filmed here! Restaurant, bar and dive shop.
Divi Carina Bay Beach
A long, quiet stretch of beach located at the resort. There are areas with a sandy bottom as well as areas with a lot of sea grass. Snorkel equipment is available for rent. Kayaks, sunfish etc. are also available for rent, as well as lessons. You can enjoy a cool drink and food at the beach side café which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located at the Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort and Casino.
Gentle Winds Beach is located at the Gentle Winds Condo Resort. Gentle Winds Beach
Located on the North Shore at the Gentle Winds Condominiums. The beautiful white sand beach is in an idyllic setting. Access is limited to residents and guests of the complex or by boat which is almost impossible because of a reef just off the beach.

Grapetree Beach is located just east of the casino.

Grapetree Bay
On the south eastern shore of St. Croix, this beach is close to the Divi resort. Beautiful white sand beach used to have a hotel located here. It was destroyed by hurricane Hugo and the remains can still be explored today. The water here can sometimes be a little rough.
Hibiscus Beach is located at the Hibiscus Beach Hotel. Hibiscus Beach
Just to the west of Christiansted, at a small beach hotel, you will find a palm lined and sandy beach with good snorkeling. Be careful of the under-tow when the seas are rough. Restaurant and bar is located beachside.
Isaac's Bay beach is on the eastern tip of St. Croix. Isaac's and Jack's Bay
These beaches, located on the far eastern tip of the island, and are easily some of the most beautiful on the island, the whole Caribbean for that matter! They are secluded so its great for sunbathing. They have a reef just off shore for some of the best snorkeling on the island and waters that are calm, making for great swimming.  You can get to these beaches using trails from the end of the road past the old Grapetree hotel or from Point Udall. The hike to the beach is moderately strenuous, but it's worth the effort. The point Udall monument and the road by the old Grapetree hotel are relatively not leave valuables in your vehicle when hiking down any of the trails. We also suggest leaving your car unlocked so there is no reason for anyone to do any damage trying to "break in".
La Grange Beach, St Croix, Virgin Islands La Grange Beach
Located just to the North of the town of Frederiksted, between the cruise ship pier and Rainbow beach. This beach has nice white sand and a beach bar with food and drinks. It's less than a half mile walk from the cruise ship pier. It has good swimming and pretty good snorkeling.
Manchenil Bay Beach on the south shore of St. Croix. Manchenil (Manchineel) Bay Beach
Locally, this beach can be referred to by several different names and spellings (Manchineel). Its a wonderful strip of white sand with generally calm water. You will need lots of sunscreen as there is very little shade to be found because the beach faces south...but you are here for the sun, right! Good beach for sunning, swimming and strolling. You will find some areas with sea grass on the bottom, but the beach also has a lot of large areas with a sandy bottom. Overall, this is a very peaceful and scenic location. The beach is located just south of the South Shore Road at Manchineel Bay. Turn towards the water at the pink pillars and drive down the dirt road. Its a little hard to find, but worth the effort!
Pelican Cove Beach Pelican Cove Beach
Just to the west of Christiansted, adjacent to the Palms at Pelican Cove Hotel, is the sandy Pelican Cove Beach. Nice palm-fringed, sandy beach. There is a restaurant and bar at the hotel. There is good snorkeling and the hotel has a small water-sports center. Be careful of the undertow if the seas are rough.
Protestant Cay Beach, St. Croix, USVI Protestant Cay
A short trip by water taxi across the harbor from the boardwalk in Christiansted. A small fee for the water taxi will get you to this small but beautiful beach with a nice view of Christiansted harbor. The is a full-service water sports facility including wind surfers, wave-runners,  and snorkeling. There is a restaurant and bar located on this small island.
Rainbow Beach on the west end of St. Croix. Rainbow Beach
Just north of Frederiksted there is a beautiful sandy beach with a beach bar & grill that often has live music. There are fun activities at Rainbow beach such as jet ski rentals and a beach volleyball court. Amenities also include beach umbrella and chair rentals. The water is generally calm for swimming, and the beach faces west for great sunsets.
Reef Beach on the East end of St Croix. Reef Beach
Located off of Route 82, on the east end of the island, across from the 9 hole Reef Golf course. Quite sandy beach with generally calm water that has pretty good snorkeling. There are Palm trees along the beach for some shade. A restaurant and bar is located adjacent to the beach.
Sand Castle Beach on St Croix in the Virgin Islands. Sand Castle Beach
Located just to the south of Frederiksted on the west end of the island in front of two small hotels. Nice beach, decent snorkeling. Great sunsets, Restaurant and Bar

Aerial view of Sandy Point beach on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge
Spectacular, secluded stretch of beach on the west end of St. Croix. The park was established primarily to protect the March-June nesting grounds of endangered leatherback turtles. It just so happens that it is also one of the longest and most pristine beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands - spanning over 2 miles long. The beach is open only on Saturdays and Sundays, There are no facilities, so bring a cooler and take your trash back out with you! Be careful where you walk, you might just disturb a turtle nest.
Shoys Beach on St. Croix, USVI Shoys Beach
Just to the East of Christiansted. Turn off at the Buccaneer Hotel and  and then make a right before entering the security booth to the Buccaneer Hotel; after checking in with the guard in the small booth, proceed to the parking lot where the road ends. Follow the small sandy path along the fence, through the trees, to a beautiful crescent beach. There are no facilities so bring any food and beverages you will need. Be sure to bring any trash back out with you when you leave. There are private residences that border this beach, so please respect the owner's privacy.
South East Coast beaches on St. Croix. St. Croix's Southeast Coast
There are so many breathtaking coastlines on St. Croix, it's hard to choose a favorite! The water on the south shore, especially by the Great Salt Pond, is so turquoise that you can't believe it's real! A large resort and the fourth golf course on the island is planned for this area of the island. Let's hope they do it right!
Spratt Hall Beach, St. Croix, USVI Sprat Hall
Take Route 63 north from Frederiksted. You will find a one mile stretch of beach. A restaurant/ bar used to be located at this beach, now it is just a deserted beach!
Sugar Beach on St. Croix. Sugar Beach
A beautiful beach with sugar white sand. I guess that's why it's been named "Sugar Beach"! The beach is located just to the east of Christiansted, on the north shore, in an area locally known as "condo row". The beach is great for lying in the shade a palm or basking in the Caribbean sun. Calm water is great for snorkeling, but you will find quite a bit of sea grass on the bottom, which at times can wash up on the beach. The staff of the condo complex located there does a good job of raking the sea grass off the beach.
Tamarind Reef Beach Tamarind Reef Beach
Located on the East End of the island in front of Green Cay Marina and adjacent to The Tamarind Reef Resort, Spa & Marina. It is a well maintained strip of sand that is lined with tall Palm trees. There are several hammocks under the trees and lounge chairs, umbrellas, palm-thatched cabanas, a beach shack, and a bar and restaurant are just a few of the amenities! Small fee for non-guests of the hotel for lounge chairs, snorkel gear and kayak rentals.
Beaches on the West end of St. Croix. West End Beaches
Be sure to take a drive along the coast to the north east of Frederiksted. Take Route 63 north out of Frederiksted and follow it along the coast. You will find many secluded and pristine beaches on the west end of the island. Several waterfront restaurants/bars are located along this section of coastline. The beaches face west, so enjoy the spectacular sunsets and maybe you'll get a glimpse of the famous "green flash". Be sure to have a few rum drinks first!

Be smart...Do not leave valuables unattended on any beach!

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