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St Croix Passport / Entry Requirements

Is a passport required for U.S. Citizens to visit the US Virgin Islands?

St Croix Passport Requirements - USVI: No Passport Required

Required Travel Documents for Travel to St. Croix

Passports for U.S. Citizens are NOT required for the U.S. Virgin Islands, but you must be prepared to show evidence of citizenship upon leaving the territory (such as a government issued photo ID or your passport). Citizens of countries other than the U.S. should follow U.S. travel regulations. To travel outside the U.S. Virgin Islands requires a birth certificate & ID or valid passport. Health certificates are not required if you're entering from the U.S. or Puerto Rico; citizens entering from other countries should follow the same guidelines as for the mainland U.S.

***** U.S. Citizens DO NOT need a Passport to travel to/from St. Croix!!! ****

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
Click here for current official U.S.V.I Department of Health Covid-19 (coronavirus) travel restrictions.

All Travelers

All domestic travelers and international travelers are no longer required to complete the following to travel to the USVI:

  • All travelers are no longer required to complete the USVI Travel Screening Portal or present an approved green QR code to travel to the USVI.
  • All travelers are no longer required to provide a negative COVID test result to travel to the USVI.
  • All travelers are no longer required to provide proof of COVID vaccination to travel to the USVI.


Information from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Website

Q: Do U.S. citizens to/from U.S. territories need to present a passport to enter the United States?

A: No. These territories are a part of the United States. U.S. citizens returning directly from a U.S. territory are not considered to have left the U.S. and do not need to present a passport. U.S. territories include the following: Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Swains Island and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. If the traveler also visited non-U.S. territories, he/she is required to present a passport.

Although U.S. citizens are not required to present a passport when departing U.S. territories and traveling to the mainland, having evidence of citizenship (e.g., U.S. passport, birth certificate, Trusted Traveler Program card) or lawful permanent residence (e.g., green card) available will help CBP expedite your customs processing.

Additionally, although not required to present a passport, travelers departing the U.S. territories for the U.S. mainland are subject to customs and agriculture restrictions. Travelers are entitled to a $1,600 duty-free exemption, as long as they remained in the U.S. territories for 48 hours or longer. After the $1,600 duty-free exemption, travelers will be required to pay a flat rate of 1.5% on the next $1,000 worth of goods purchased.

CBP officers may also conduct baggage checks or ask additional questions as part of standard inspections of outbound passengers, to prevent any non-native species of plants, pests or plant diseases, which may be present in one of the islands from being introduced to the mainland. For example, a pre-departure examination is performed on all passengers and cargo moving from Hawaii to the mainland U.S. The purpose of this examination is to prevent movement of fruit flies and fruit fly host material. These rules also apply to Caribbean islands, including the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. For more information on what agricultural goods can be brought from U.S. territories and Hawaii, please visit the USDA website.

Documents You Will Need to Enter the United States


U. S. Virgin Islands Passenger Identification RequirementsAll persons including citizens of the United States traveling by air between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda are required to present a passport, Merchant Mariner Document (presented by U.S. citizen merchant mariners traveling on official business) or NEXUS Card (NEXUS enrollment is limited to citizens of the United States and Canada, and lawful permanent residents of the United States and Canada). Children will be required to present their own passport.

U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs), refugees, and asylees will continue to be able to use their Alien Registration CardU.S. Passport (Form I-551), issued by DHS, or other evidence of permanent resident status or refugee or asylee status to apply for entry into the United States. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) does not affect travel between the United States and its territories. U.S. citizens traveling directly between the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, America Samoa, Swains Island and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands will continue to be able to use established forms of identification to board flights and for entry.

As of January 31, 2008, verbal declarations of identity and citizenship alone will no longer be accepted. On this date, U.S. and Canadian citizens entering the U. S. at land and sea ports of entry from within the Western Hemisphere will need to present (1) government-issued proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate, along with (2) government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license. ( Important Change in International Land and Sea Travel Document Procedures )

While a passport or other comparable document is not required for entry by land or sea, U.S. and Canadian citizens are highly encouraged to carry proof of identity and citizenship. Travelers 19 years and older should also carry government-issued photo ID. Please visit for the latest information on travel requirements. ( - Travel Info

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service - Customs

The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service maintains an office in St. Croix and is happy to assist visitors by answering any immigration questions. Their telephone number: (340) 778-6559. At the airport, their number is (340) 778-1419. You can also call U.S. Customs at (340) 773-1490 if you have any questions.

When you leave St. Croix by air, give yourself at least an hour and a half at the airport to go through customs and immigration checkpoints. At the airline counter you will be required to show photo identification for security purposes and check your bags.

Before passing through Customs you have the opportunity to shop in the airport's gift shop and/or get a bite to eat at the small local restaurant located in the lobby. This is your last chance to try some local food before you return home!

After visiting the airport lobby, proceed to Customs. Present your passport or other valid ID, to a Customs Inspector. You then collect your bags from the luggage carousel and pass through Immigration where you present your identification and airline tickets. Be prepared to have all your bags checked thoroughly, inside and out.

Once past Customs and the airport screening area there are new gates with comfortable chairs and a small snack bar which serves light snacks, soft drinks, beer and limited cocktails as well as a gift shop.


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